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The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the brands biggest launch of the year, our team was tasked to develop a rich media experience that stands out from the cluttered nature of digital advertising. We developed a 360 interior photo and exterior walk around concept that could be re-purposed across display, social, and eCRM. The clients aligned and the team had to move quickly and on a limited budget to capture the 360 imagery and become one of the first luxury automotive brands to run a 360 photo on Facebook.

After identifying a photographer we learned the day before the shoot that he hurt his back and was unable to shoot.  Within limited time our team jumped in and decided to do the shoot themselves as there wasn't time or budget for another photographer.  With only two days to prepare for the shoot we researched the technique to capture a 360 image, rented the right equipment, and boarded the plane to Atlanta for a day, not an 8 hour day, but a day that lasted until 5am, of shooting to capture all the right assets.  Despite the risk of not having done this before, the team proved their agility, flexibility, and patience in being able to quickly assess the situation, find a solution, and make it work. Not only was the client happy, but the teams quick mastery of the 360 degree photography has given us a new creative capability that can be leveraged for other Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as with other Razorfish clients.


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Mereces-Benz USA Clients:
Mark Aikman
Alexa Harnett
Ryan Johnson
Jordan Lalor

Group Creative Director: Roald van Wyk
Creative Director: Penn Lee
Designer: Abby Hirsh
Designer: Nolan
Project Manager: Martha Kim