2017 C300 Coupe Press Drive   |   Portland Maine

Our #MBPressDrive paired in 2017 C-Class Coupe and Portland, Maine and its surrounding areas. Journalists were encouraged to explore the diverse terrain of their surroundings, which enabled them to muscle up mountains or to ornament the city's many beautiful surroundings in their personal and business social media platforms, all the while educating our dedicated audience on the virtues and product points of our new coupe.

Using Snapchat's latest "augmented reality" update, Instagram's boomerang, and drone technology, Razorfish elevated the standard for MB's press drive coverage with a rich multimedia experience, that varied from platform to platform to offer channel-specific content.

After identifying a photographer we learned the day before the shoot that he hurt his back and was unable to shoot.  Within limited time our team jumped in and decided to do the shoot themselves as there wasn't time or budget for another photographer.  With only two days to prepare for the shoot we researched the technique to


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