Clinique for Men   |   #BehindTheFace

We partnered with Clinique to relaunch their line of men’s skin care. We started with a simple truth: traditional men’s skin care ads celebrate unobtainable looks and lifestyles. Our job was to change that.

We knew that Clinique for Men had always pioneered a straightforward, honest approach to skincare so we embraced their heritage and partnered with some straightforward, honest men. We didn't want to celebrate unrealistic, ‘made up’ lives. We wanted to champion real, aspirational ones. That was the thought behind our influencer campaign #behindtheface

We teamed up with actor and activist, Daniel Dae Kim, writer and explorer Levison Wood and an entrepreneur traveler to be announced in 2017. Each embodied the Clinique for Men credo. They’re authentic, successful confident and caring, and each pursues a life that necessitates straightforward, quality skincare.   

We championed their stories going ‘behind the face’ to discover what they were passionate about and what made them unique. As we said it: Real Stories. True Characters.


Production Company: Decon
Director: Jason Goldwatch
Editor: Jonah Oskow
Producer: Arash Ayrom

Group Creative Director: Roald van Wyk
Executive Producer: Jessica Haselkorn
ACD Copywriter: Luke Carmody
Senior Art Director: Este Serrano
Senior Art Director: Kike Fernandez
Art Director / Design: Ben Loh
Project Manager: Martha Kim
Client Partner: Jennifer Berry
Account Planning: Ali Rezgui