Mercedes-Benz Video Pass   |   S-Class Cabriolet   |   Palmaz

There’s a rich parallel between the history and future of wine-making and Mercedes-Benz's pursuit of automotive excellence. Refined, balanced, elegant, innovative production techniques, extraordinarily crafted, legendary history. These are words that describe Napa Valley's Palmaz Vineyards and the 2017 Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet. We shot a series of videos and captured imagery to document this peerless intersection of history, innovation and art.

Within the framework of a two minute film, we intersected two disparate audiences, wine and auto enthusiasts, with a character-driven story focusing on innovation in their respective fields. Suggesting a symmetry between the vineyard's thermonuclear, NASA-developed technology, and ingenious technological innovations of the S-Cab that takes two historical experiences of wine and auto making and advances them into their respective fields of modern luxury.

MERcedes-benz photo pass   |   PALMaz S-class cabriolet


MERcedes-benz photo pass   |   mb accessories shoot

MERcedes-benz photo pass   |   SL-Class napa



Matchstick Productions
Director: Murray Wais
DP: Steve Winter
Camera:  Rex Lint
Still Photography: Trent Bona


Mercedes-Benz USA Clients:
Mark Aikman
Alexa Harnett
Ryan Johnson
Jordan Lalor

Group Creative Director: Roald van Wyk
Executive Producer: Joe Gagliardi
Art Director: Ben Loh
Copywriter: Logan Donaldson
Editor: Bill Novak / Ben Loh
Associate Project Manager: Ari Tretin
Social Copy: Logan Donaldson / Matthew de Paula